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Spiritual Awakening Ministry’s mission is to spread Gods’ word through technology while participating with the fulfillment of prophesies written thousands of years ago. It is written (Matthew 24:14 – “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”). Read about the significance of our logo

At no time in human history (since creation) has such technology been available, to not only spread Gods’ word to all nations, but in every language as well. With the innovation of computers, satellite and the Internet their will be no way that someone could plead ignorance when standing at the great white throne of judgment that will take place after the millennium reign of “Jesus Christ” and his bride (the church).

You can visit this website to view weekly video recordings that offer updates on current end time world events and specific prophecy studies. You can also download copies, or copy and paste, any of the text outlines we make available. We assure that each sermon is supported by true and factual biblical doctrine! Read more . . .

Pastor Rob Baker

Rob Baker - Senior Evangelist

Rob was born in Newport Beach California and raised in Fountain Valley where Rob graduated from Fountain Valley High School then attended Orange Coast College. While in high school Rob got a job at a grocery store where he started off bagging groceries then promoted to night clerk then to department manager.  After 5 years in the grocery industry Rob was inspired to enter law enforcement and applied to a California police department. Rob was selected from many applicants for sponsorship to attend the Golden West Police Academy where he graduated and achieved his Police Officer Standard and Training (POST) certification. As a police officer Rob received many accommodations, worked with the drug enforcement unit and achieved specialized drug enforcement training and education to become one of the departments’ recognized court experts to testify in drug and DUI related criminal cases.

In his 5th year in law enforcement Rob started a part-time business to market Health and Nutrition products that he work on his days off as a police officer. After 8 months of starting his part-time business Rob decided to resign from law enforcement to follow his entrepreneurial passion to work his nutritional business full-time.

In 2003 Rob would eventually leave the nutritional industry and enter the travel industry developing home based travel agents and supporting travel clubs for the next 18 years. Rob has been part of ownership and development of two large travel business that have helped offer opportunity to tens of thousands of people to start home based travel business and encourage entrepreneurism.

In 2005 Rob had what he called “personal life challenges” that led him to seek the Lord through prayer. Rob prayed for God to reveal himself and to provide answers to his questions. Rob prayed about several questions that most of humanity have asked at one time or another. Those questions were “Are all things created by some creator or is existence a product of evolution? “ If existence is due to creation how do you know what religion or god is real?” “Is there life after death?” “What happens after death?” “Is there a heaven and hell?” “How do you make it to heaven?” During this time Rob was inspired to seek the one true God by finding and attending a church that would teach the bible, verse by verse, and a church that would teach biblical prophecy. Rob felt biblical prophecy was the key to identifying the real God.

Rob found a church called Calvary Capel in Santa Anna California, led by the late Pastor Chuck Smith. Rob would attend Calvary for several years while conducting his own investigation of other religions and comparing other religions to what was written in the Bible. Rob came to the conclusion that there was only one true “God that is revealed in the Bible. Rob believes that over 2,000 years ago the son of God came to earth, born in human flesh, to offer himself to die a horrific death on the cross for the sins of humanity.  Every person from that time on would have an opportunity to accept the free gift of salvation by simply repenting from their sin, accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be born again in Christ.

Rob’s will testify that his proof of his faith was based on years of study related to biblical prophecy supported by secular historical evidence to include archeological and preserved writings over thousands of years that cannot be disputed. Rob says “the key to finding the truth is by having a sincere and humble heart to want to know the truth that includes having an open mind and open heart”. As Jesus says, John 14:6 “I’m am the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” and in John 8:32 “The truth will set your free!”

Rob brings to Spiritual Awakening Ministry over 22 years of biblical and prophecy study including speaking and teaching at churches and men’s conferences to showcase biblical prophecy as evidence for why we believe what we believe. Rob says “take confidence as a Christ follower that the Bible is real and inspired by the one true God supported by the evidence of Biblical prophecy”. We are living through prophecy fulfillment that corresponds in daily news reports so make sure to get saved!

Pastor Frank Pimentel

Frank Pimentel - Executive Pastor

Pastor Frank was born in Pomona California, raised in Chino California and currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga California where he is married to his wife Gloria for 33 years. Pastor Frank got saved in 1981 and has been studying Christianity and the Bible diligently for 34 years to include earning his Associate degree in Biblical studies from Western International School of Theology in 2010.

Pastor Frank has a diverse employment background as a successful licensed realtor, working with major brand companies such as Costco, as Senior manager, and Fresh and Easy Market, as General Manager, and would eventually follow his ministry passion to work for Abundant Living Family Church for 6 1/2 years as an associate Pastor. His responsibilities included overseeing “Pastor of the Men’s Ministry”, “Marriage Ministry Connection Groups”, and “Spanish ministry”.

In May of 2011 he launched a Spanish ministry for Abundant Living Family Church that had incredible success for over 4 years. Pastor Frank has traveled through the Western hemisphere teaching and preaching at conferences and Pastor Leadership seminars. Pastor Frank also has extensive missionary experience traveling to countries such as Mexico City, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Chiapas Mexico preaching the Gospel at Conferences and local churches. Pastor Frank has lead missionary teams assisting orphanages in Chiapas Mexico.

Pastor Frank is a Spiritual Awakening Ministry Board Member and will be leading Spiritual Awakening Spanish Ministry and many outreach programs.

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